About Scavolini

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Italy’s top kitchen brand for more than twenty years

Siema is proud to be the sole authorized representative of Scavolini here in the lower-mainland.

Scavolini is grown to become Italy’s most loved and respected company for home cabinetry and furniture solutions. The brand is a symbol of innovation in style, functionality and endless variety of products for the global market.


Scavolini defines quality in a variety of ways. Durability in the materials used to make its products and extensive testing of these materials to ensure a safe and long usage of its products. Proven Quality control systems in place to ensure consistency in quality and delivery of products. Exceptional service needs and receiving an experience consistent with the company’s values.


It is imbedded in the DNA of many Italian companies, Scavolini is no different in making breakthroughs in trends of the modern home. The R & D department is always creating collaborations with other Italian and global designers and design brand like Diesel to stay on the fore-front of the best and newest available in the market.

The newest lines offered such as MOTUS, FOODSHELF, and FAVILLA are Scavolini’s best. Offering flexibility in design and function like never before, making for the best time in history for one to choose Scavolini for their home.