Arbutus Project

This is a brand new boutique marketplace housing. Conventionally, located beside Arbutus Greenway in a walkable and bike friendly community.

This project is a well-mixture of Scavolini beauty. 4 Schemes of Scavolini finishes tailored gorgeously with quartz countertops, Miele appliances & aesthetic hoods. Arbutus utterly represents a luxury European Kitchen.

Arbutus kitchen enjoys symmetry, balance well accessorized also well distribution of storage around the kitchen. All kitchens are equipped with “Cling” recycle bin pull-out and also under cabinet lighting. In the larger layouts storage behind the islands are provided in some units, shelvings, tall & larder units enhance the uniqueness of these units.

Prime finishes were selected for the last floor. An astonishing combination of glossy glass plus Scavolini wood veneers.

Light Scheme Dress Code:
Back Wall: Tussah Walnut Scav 798
Island: Iron Grey Scav 374

Dark Scheme 1 Dress Code:
Evolution Kitchen
Back Wall: Fashion Walnut Scav 901
Island: Prestige White Scav 028

Dark Scheme 2 Dress Code:
LiberaMente Kitchen
Back Wall: Saxony Walnut Scav 800
Island: Prestige White Scav 028


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Project Facts

Location : 2888 Arbutus, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Number of Units : 19

Construction Company :
Architect :
Designer :

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