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A secret garden in an Italian green kitchen

While the scent of aromatic herbs embellishes the kitchen, they can be an indoor garden where having the ingredients at hand is essential for preparing every recipe and creating a luxurious fragrant home environment dotted with green décor idea.

When it comes to Environmentally friendly cabinetry, Scavolini from Italy stands out as a premier manufacturer. With their extensive range of luxurious high-end Italian cabinetry, Scavolini brings a touch of green elegance and sophistication by the exceptional craftsmanship to any space. Scavolini focuses on Sustainable and eco-friendly processes; using solar energy, non-toxic adhesives and finishes to ensure they can contribute to reducing carbon footprint in order to create a healthier environment with minimal impact on natural resources.

mia kitchen designs

The “Mia” design line; a Scavolini & Carlo Cracco collaboration is designed to offer comfort and practicality to those who spend a lot of time cooking. The idea of creating a vertical garden with wonderful aromatic herbs was an absolute must-have; thus, introducing the “Line System”.

Whether you are looking to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area in your home, Siema kitchen & Bath (Scavolini’s only representative in Vancouver) offers a wide range of styles, finishes, and customizable options. They are the number one choice for homeowners and contractors as the perfect green and luxurious solution. The owners Emad and Eiman Mohammad; with the assistance of their skilled designers combine traditional techniques with modern design, which guarantees to transform your space into a luxurious haven that exudes style while being functional, aesthetical and environmentally friendly.

From the finest materials to the latest design trends, Siema offers cabinets, closets and vanities that are not only visually stunning but also highly functional. They offer ample storage space and innovative features as a testament to luxurious Italian excellence and a commitment to quality that makes us the top choice for all kitchen and bathroom renovation needs in Vancouver.

If you are thinking of growing aromatic plants at home, it doesn’t matter what the season is, because the indoor climate is pretty much constant. In this case, any time is the right time to grow them. Even now! Furthermore, creating a prêt-à-porter garden does not take up too much space: simply put some jars, or recycled containers such as a wooden box or unused bowls, on a shelf near a window. The decorative effect will be ensured!

kitchen indoor plants

By embracing the concept of a green kitchen offered by Scavolini Vancouver, you can make a positive impact on both the environment and your own living space. Have fun finding the right solution and then off you go to prepare lots of tasty and fragrant dishes. Start making small changes today that will lead to a greener tomorrow.