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Valdena bathroom vanity; once it comes to quality and price

Siema Kitchen and Bath is a pioneer in bathroom design and remodeling in Vancouver. Siema has always been at the forefront of introducing exquisite and aesthetic bathroom vanities to add elegance to your bathroom. “Valdena” is another addition to Siema’s impressive bathroom vanity product range. “Valdena” is a renowned bathroom vanity where Vancouver residents can indulge in the opulence of these luxurious vanities at an affordable price. This article will discuss the features of ‘Valdena’ bathroom vanity and how homeowners can purchase such a quality product at a lower rate.

One of the core design lines within “Viona” is “Valdena” which has proven its market appeal over the years by being the number one choice among many Vancouver homeowners. The modern trend is minimalist clean cabinetry design which Valdena qualifies for. The seamless fusion of innovative design and cutting-edge technology sets “Valdena” apart from other bathroom vanities in the market.

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Technical Information

Some homeowners find it challenging to choose the best bathroom vanity product among a variety of available products in the Vancouver market today. Durability, aesthetic appeal, color scheme and price are a few important factors to consider when choosing the best bathroom vanity for your new bathroom or renovation project.

Material and structure

When it comes to “Valdena” it has a solid structure which is a must-have for a wall-mounted bathroom vanity. Compared to other bathroom vanities in the market “Valdena” has double gables on side panels. Unlike other bathroom vanities, these solid gables add extra strength and stability to the structure of the “Valdena” bathroom vanity.

Apart from its structure, the interior box, which is made with high-quality, water-resistant particle board enhances the durability of “Valdena” bathroom vanity.


Almost all clients love to have a choice in material and color selection. This is another secret why “Valdena” appeals to the choice of a broad market in Vancouver. “Valdena” bathroom vanity is available in glossy lacquer and a wide range of colors ranging from dark anthracite color to white. The Board of these cabinets is thoroughly protected as it is painted on both sides whereas the front is painted with gloss lacquer and the back of the board in matte lacquer. The paint on both sides adds extra protection to the particle board.

“Valdena” bathroom vanity is available in several colors such as Espresso Stone, Walnut, Grey Elm and Sonoma Oak. These varying intensities of coloration appeal to those who seek light, medium and dark color schemes for their bathrooms. Moreover, this versatility helps Vancouver homeowners to achieve the perfect balance of sophistication in their bathroom space.


Many bathroom vanities in the Vancouver market use sinks attached with silicon. But “Valdena’s” design has taken a step further with a one-piece ceramic top. Use of a one-piece countertop has several advantages. Ease of cleaning and installation, stain resistance, minimum maintenance requirement are few of the advantages of a one-piece top. Hence, your countertop will have a fresh brand new look throughout the  years.

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Handleless Drawers

Handleless flat panel cabinet doors of the “Valdena” vanity enhance its sleek, modern look which appeals to many homeowners in Vancouver. Furthermore, the handleless door is constructed with an ergonomic 45 degree angle opening which allows easy grip to open the cabinet. The 45 degree angle shape of the handle makes it easier to clean it and convenient to access the doors.


“Valdena” uses a world-renowned hardware brand called Blum for its drawer runners. The ‘Blum’ hails from Europe and has a reputation for their durability and heavy usage. With the use of ‘Blum’ drawer runners “Valdena” offers soft closing which ensures the longevity of the vanity. Apart from soft closing “Valdena” vanity’s drawer runners and hinges are capable of handling heavy loads and remain unbroken whether you opt for gentle or robust use.

Storage Space

Compared to other bathroom vanities “Valdena” has a bigger storage space. Large storage space is another requirement that Siema Kitchen and Bath has seen a higher demand from clients in Vancouver. “Valdena” bathroom vanity has two deep drawers. More importantly the average size ‘U shape’ cut in the drawers of these bathroom vanities for drain pipes ensures that every inch of space is utilized efficiently.

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“Valdena” bathroom vanity comes in a modern sleek design sought by many clients today. The finishing touches are a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into each “Valdena” bathroom vanity. Its handless door is constructed with an ergonomic 45-degree angle opening which allows an easy handle grip to open the drawer cabinet. Not only convenient but these stylish doors also add elegance to this bathroom vanity.

“Valdena” bathroom vanities are available in a variety of sizes, including 24-inch, 28-inch, 32-inch and 36-inch. More importantly, “Valdena” comes in modular design. This modular design enables seamlessly combining multiple modular units to create a single cohesive bathroom vanity. This allows more flexibility to match the size of the bathroom vanity with your bathroom space whether you require a compact vanity for a smaller bathroom or a larger vanity for the master bath.

“Valdena’s” elegant ceramic one-piece countertop adds more style to this bathroom vanity. The stain resistant surface of the “Valdena” countertop will ensure that the new  rich look will remain throughout the years without discoloring.


With the competitive price point of “Valedena” bathroom vanity appeals to clients from both high-end and mid-range markets. As Siema Kitchen and Bath has a huge stock of “Valdena” bathroom vanities in various sizes and colours it allows to offer such a competitive price point without compromising quality. There won’t be any additional charges such as shipping charges, because Siema can arrange the pick up from their showroom in Vancouver or from the warehouse in Richmond depending on the customer preference.


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written by: Emad Mohammad