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A historical approach to Siema kitchen and Bath. Part 1

hitory of Scavolini products at siema kitchen and bath

Known around the world for its supreme quality cabinetry and kitchens is Scavolini. With more than 60 years of experience building kitchens, Scavolini is well-versed in the preferences, designs and styles of nearly three generations of customers. The story of Scavolini began in 1961 as a small artisan shop tucked away in the quaint Italian town of “Pesaro.” Their initial focus in terms of production was on producing customized modular kitchens. However, Valter and Elvino Scavolini’s gripping story quickly garnered popularity and catapulted them into the spotlight. The initial victory not only lifted their spirits but also inspired them to see the world from new perspectives. In order to satisfy a growing number of affluent customers, they set out on a mission to expand their facilities and bring in a wave of creative items.

As the 1980s came into being, Scavolini rose to fame as an iconic brand, decorating the houses of numerous Italian families. The peak of Scavolini’s spectacular development came in 1984, when it cemented its position as the unchallenged market leader. The passing of time gave Scavolini’s kitchens tremendous legitimacy, solidifying its position as the pinnacle of elegant luxury for homes desiring to own luxurious kitchens.

Scavolini reached a significant milestone in 1996 by earning the coveted UNI EN ISO 9001 quality system accreditation. This accomplishment not only demonstrated their dedication to excellence but also set the stage for their entry into foreign markets. Scavolini became a leading figure in the green movement by promoting environmental awareness. They demonstrated their commitment to sustainability with programs like the “Environmental Management System” and the “Integrated Quality and Environmental System.” This philosophy helped Scavolini reach new heights and acquire a devoted following among connoisseurs of opulent kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas around the world.

Scavolini’s talent for design produced a number of classic products over a long period of time. Among these, the Dandy collection, introduced in 1986, is a classic example of their inventiveness. The Dandy collection quickly became a bestseller and left its imprint on the field of design. The Dandy Plus line, expertly conceptualized by the renowned designer Fabio Novembre, is the result of Scavolini’s never-ending quest for innovation, however, and represents the return of the Dandy collection which was Scavolini’s best seller in eighties.

Since 1975, Scavolini has ventured into partnerships with prominent worldwide designers, transforming homes into stunning canvases of art. These partnerships played a crucial role in realizing people’s dreams by skillfully fusing the past, present, and future and creating an enduring legacy characterized by trust, excellence, and creative prowess. In addressing the shifts in customer taste, behaviour, and market trends, Scavolini exhibits an influential capacity for innovation. Today, Scavolini is a sizable sector of the economy that organizes the manufacturing of high-quality kitchens that are aesthetically pleasing, useful, secure, and long-lasting. At present, Scavolini offers a variety of goods that will appeal to families of all ages and cultural backgrounds.


Scavolini Brothers as Co-founders

historical approach to scavolini products by siema kitchen and bath

The company was founded in 1961 by Valter Scavolini. At a young age, Valter and his brother Elvino helped their parents in the family cafe. It was at this time that Valter became interested in his neighbor’s furniture trade. The next few years Valter spent learning the basics of cabinet making. Having just learned the trade from his neighbor, he adapted to the culture of hard work. The dream of starting a business was deeply ingrained in his mind. Valter borrowed 400,000 Italian lire from his father to realize his dream. His brother Elvino later joined him and remained involved until his death in 2004. In the early days, the Scavolini brothers primarily made wooden sideboards and cushions in a rustic style when they started their business. Considerable hard work and skills have made their handmade kitchens more popular among Italian households. In a short time, the brothers transformed their small craft business into a full-fledged industrial enterprise.

Siema; Mohammad Brothers as Co-founders

Similar to the Scavolini brothers in Italy, the Mohammad brothers are the co-founders of Siema Kitchen and Bath in Vancouver. Siema Kitchen and Bath is a family-owned business that helps Vancouver families own luxury kitchens and bathrooms. The Mohammad brothers’ vision elevated the company into a strong Vancouver institution. Throughout Siema Kitchen and Bath’s long journey, they have introduced some iconic and aesthetically appealing kitchen and bathroom vanities to the Vancouver market. Emad and Eiman Mohammad have many successful projects under their portfolio and their success is proven by the customer testimonials they have received. Over time, Siema Kitchen and Bath has become a trusted name among Vancouver families when it comes to kitchen and bathroom vanities. The Mohammad brothers are planning to expand their showroom network to serve their clientele better with a wider range of products.


siema kitchen and bath founders

Emad; Biography and professional facts

Emad Mohammad is a very experienced expert and businessman in this profession. Emad’s passion for technical side including repairs and construction led him to choose a career path in technical and construction related field. He began his career in the early 2000s with Millwork Cabinetry by assisting with cabinet installation and renovation projects. He then became involved in contract business. The technical knowledge and industrial expertise he acquired in his first workplaces became essential in establishing his own business. In 2005, he teamed up with his brothers to establish a new business under the name of Siema Kitchen and Bath.

Eiman; Biography and professional

Eiman Mohammad began his career in the renovation industry about twenty years ago. He worked for a company called Millwork Cabinetry with his brother Emad. Eiman is a very determined professional who has learned from his experience and become familiar with renovation projects. The experience gained from these projects led him to move into kitchen and bathroom design with famous brands such as Scavolini. During his tenure at Siema Kitchen and Bath, he held several positions such as showroom manager, director of operations, and oversaw several areas of the business. He currently holds the position of director of the multi-unit division and plays an important role in the company.


Brothers run the family business; When the power of technical performance meets sales ability

history of siema kitchen and bath staff

The origins of Siema Kitchen and Bath date back to 2002, when brothers Emad and Eiman’s entrepreneurial journey began with the renovation industry. This first foray into business laid the foundations for the establishment of Siema Kitchen and Bath in 2005, with the addition of two more siblings, Edris and Ammar, to the business. Their original aim was to showcase Viona products and the first showroom on Cambie Street was opened to display Viona vanities.

 2007 marked a major milestone in Siema Kitchen and Bath’s sustainability journey. During this important year, the company acquired the valuable representation of the world-famous brand “Scavolini” in the city of Vancouver.  Siema Kitchen and Bath has expanded its presence by opening a second showroom on Cambie Street dedicated to Scavolini products.

In 2012, Siema Kitchen began a new chapter by moving to a prominent location in downtown Vancouver, where a state-of-the-art showroom was established. Under the intelligent leadership and guidance of Emad and Eiman, Siema Kitchen and Bath has undertaken many projects, from single-family projects to large-scale projects over the years.

 2016 was marked by Siema Kitchen’s active participation in a multi-family project called “Trophy” where they delivered a staggering 110 apartments. Their outstanding performance and unwavering commitment led to Siema being entrusted with several other projects by the same company. Notably, in 2018, they successfully launched another large project called “Cascade”, handing over about 200 units.

Throughout its journey, Siema Kitchen and Bath has continued to grow, solidifying its reputation as a trusted name in the industry, with a history of excellence and a bright future ahead.

Ups and Downs through the way of getting started

The journey of the Mohammad brothers was not easy and faced many challenges when starting their business. The biggest challenge they faced was that the housing market was not yet large in the early 2000s when they introduced Scavolini. So, when they introduced Scavolini into the Vancouver market, the price of the vanity was a significant amount compared to the cost of housing. However, over time, the real estate market has grown incredibly, while the price of Scavolini vanities has increased slightly. Currently, Siema Kitchen and Bath is the best place in town to offer the famous iconic Sacovilini vanities at affordable prices for those who dream of having luxurious kitchens and bathrooms.

Although they were well versed in innovation at the start of their journey, they faced many challenges due to lack of knowledge when introducing new product lines into their product range. However, Siema received great support from Scavolini Italy. The parent company sent technical support, designers and installers to Vancouver for several projects undertaken early in this adventure. But now with all the experience, Siema has professional in-house designers, technical experts and well-qualified local installers to complete your project to a high standard. Moreover, Siema work closely with the country managers appointed by Scavolini and always adhere to their design guidelines and quality standards.