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5 Space Saving Hacks to Finish a Mini Kitchen

written by Eiman Mohammad

Minimalism in a kitchen design; the texture of a modern life in Vancouver

Minimalist interior design is synonymous with modern interior design. As our everyday life gets busier and busier the need for a clean, simple and uncluttered space is becoming more popular and indeed a necessity. As the housing market in Vancouver continues to skyrocket more people are interested in investing in the condo market. Whether it’s a first step into the real estate market before buying your dream home or if a long-term plan is in place having a design that meets your needs is crucial for your happiness in your home. In the past couple of years, the number of apartment towers which have been constructed in Vancouver and the nearby cities has increased, as a result of the growing demand for condos. Siema Kitchen and Bath has seen an elevated number of new clients contacting them for a kitchen remodel to optimize their space with clever space-saving hacks that will meet their everyday needs. Siema Kitchen and Bath has seen the demand for practical storage solutions, simple minimalist styling and an overall calmer space. A place where homeowners can relax and unwind whether it’s after a long day at work, stuck in hectic rush-hour traffic or just a place to escape the everyday stresses of modern life. Minimalism is characterized by simple, clean lines and a monochromatic palette where pops of colour are used as an accent to accentuate the design rather than be the focal of the schema. Many of Scavolini’s luxury kitchen design lines reflect this simple, clean, bare essential aesthetics. Italian design sings the same tune as minimalist design; it is easily identified by its stylish, classic, minimalist design with a core focus on high-quality materials chosen for their craftsmanship, tactile textures, and stylish appeal. Less is more comes to mind when thinking of the nature of Italian design; its quality, reputation and worldwide appeal emphasize the mass attraction to minimalist design in the modern world. Siema Kitchen and Bath has seen an increasing interest in high-quality, simple modern kitchen cabinetry. The flat panel, handle less door is highly sought after in kitchen design nowadays. The desire for the traditional, more ornate profile kitchen cabinetry is less in demand as the modern, sleek, simple design takes centre stage in today’s trends.

kitchen design space saving hacks

As the condo market has expanded in Vancouver the need for clever, space-saving hacks is more important than ever in Vancouver. Siema Kitchen and Bath has seen a vast increase in clients in their multi-unit division due to the increase in towers being built. Developers see the value in style, quality and the impact that Italian kitchen cabinetry has in the condo market. They understand that homeowners want a high-quality, durable and beautiful kitchen in their home. It’s long been a desire by people in Vancouver to have a touch of European Design in their homes. The range of colours, finishes and neat storage solutions Scavolini has to offer for all budgets is what closes the deal for Siema Kitchen and Bath. Scavolini embodies the elements of minimalist design; bare essentials, LED lights underneath wall cabinets, interior kitchen cabinet lighting for wall cabinets, base cabinets and tall larder cabinets alike. Lighting can be added to the design of the kitchen as an accessory to create the desired ambience and to meet the individual task requirements of clients. Open-plan layouts create an airier spacious environment providing a sense of freedom and relaxation that is much the energy desired in modern minimalist interior design. A neutral colour scheme and carefully selected high-quality textured materials allow the bare essential design elements to be the focal point while also generating the impression of a luxurious larger space. The design itself focuses on the clean, crisp lines from the silhouette of furniture creating a strong statement; a neutral colour palette, high-quality materials and a focus on how each furniture piece holds its space is key to creating an opulent minimal space. Functionality and practicality are similarly high priorities in a modest-sized project. A monochromatic colour scheme is vital to a minimalist design yet the inclusion of high- quality textured materials counteract any cold, soulless feeling that may have otherwise been the case in such a minimal design. Incorporating warm, natural tones such as wood veneer or melamine adds depth and a warm homely feel to a modern minimalist kitchen design. Including a variety of textured fabrics such as linen and cotton into a minimalist design scheme will further aid in creating a warm, homely and relaxing ambience for the modern Vancouver family. Minimalism the texture of modern life in Vancouver is achieved in the kitchen design by bringing a touch of Italian craftsmanship embodying simple elegance, quality and functionality all in one.

A mini–Kitchen Space Making Hack:

Minimalist design has its advantages in a modern space to give the illusion of a larger, open space; a clutter-free, neutral colour palette and high-quality materials take a design to a high level in the aesthetics and feel of the room. How do we create a space which is not only a luxurious, high-value elegant kitchen but also extremely functional and efficient for everyday use by the modern Vancouver family? Siema Kitchen and Bath, Vancouver’s only Scavolini store has a few tricks up its sleeves to optimize the functionality of the modest-sized Kitchen in Vancouver. Utilizing vertical storage solutions is one of the most effective ways of increasing the usage of each square metre within the kitchen design. Scavolini has many accessories available to implement into your kitchen design; such accessories include the line system; an accessory offered by Scavolini in their Mia Design Line. The line system is made up of a horizontal metal line

scavolini mia design line

integrated into a back panel which doubles up as a backsplash. In these horizontal metal lines various accessories can be attached; the client can pick and choose the accessories to meet their personal needs as the homeowner. Whether it’s closed containers for herbs, hooks for utensils or metal detachable shelves for cookery books this accessory is sure to meet your requirements. The Line system also has various backsplash materials available from melamine to quartz to lacquer; meeting the aesthetics and budget requisites of the client. The concept of the line system is to reduce clutter on the countertop while also having essential items within reach. A similar vertical storage solution is the set-up system available in Evolution and Caraterre design lines. It offers a simplified lower-cost alternative to the Michelin Star grade line system. This system is similar to the line system but different in its own right, incorporating various accessories to store utensils, cookery books etc. off the countertop. These are just some of the vertical storage solutions Scavolini has on offer. To explore the full scope of vertical storage solutions, a visit to Siema Kitchen and Bath’s showroom in Kitsilano is a must!

Increasing the use of the floor space is another key aspect to focus on in a way to optimize the space within a modest-sized kitchen design. Incorporating foldaway tables such as the “Friendly” Pull-out Table offered by Scavolini is a clever compact design solution for kitchens which don’t offer adequate space for a full-size table to always take up floor space. The “Friendly” Pull-Out table is hidden away seamlessly into the kitchen design as a drawer cabinet. It sits four people with the option of chairs supplied by Scavolini hidden in the compact cabinet. Its neat compact space-optimizing solutions like those from Scavolini, set them apart from other companies.

pull-out table kitchen design idea
floating shelf for kitchens

Another growing trend is the use of floating wall shelves where a wall cabinet may look bulky and block light in the kitchen, floating shelves provide a space for storage while still allowing the space to feel open. Floating shelves are the perfect place to store jars, and cups as well as display items such as picture frames and vases. Scavolini offers different finishes for shelves such as metal, melamine and lacquer; offering different aesthetics and durability. Metal cables are available for shelf support which attach to the ceiling enhancing the luxury appeal of the kitchen, the 35mm thick shelves can be fully secured with its internal hardware installed into the wooden structure of the wall. Floating shelves are a beautiful addition to the design and enhance the functionality of the kitchen. Floating shelves are a low-cost solution to optimizing functionality in a modest-sized kitchen design.

mini kitchen design hacks

Modern Internal hardware for cabinets has truly revolutionized the functionality of mini kitchens. The availability of modern technology brought about a range of easy-to-use convenient hardware making everyday kitchen tasks more efficient. One example of such is the chrome “flymoon” hardware for base corner cabinets making it much easier to access items in the back of a corner cabinet than ever before. It eliminates the need to bend down on your knees to reach into the back where it’s also difficult to see. Corner kitchen cabinets oftentimes become dead spaces where items that are stored are forgotten about. Including metal pull-out hardware in these cabinets creates the ideal place to store pots and pans; keeping drawers free for plates, bowls and more frequently used items. Tall pull-out systems are another key accessory Siema Kitchen and Bath recommends to all their clients, various pull-outs offered by Scavolini cater to all budgets as although the quality is always the highest from Scavolini the different materials available allow a difference in the price points. All internal hardware offered by Scavolini is offered in a range of materials from metal, glass, and melamine and likewise in different sizes to accommodate the cabinet’s dimensions. In a way to optimize the organization and declutter the counters; Scavolini offers numerous drawer organizers from cutlery tray inserts, and peg boards to weighing scale holders and spice organizers. Accessories are available in plastic, wood and metal to suit the client’s needs for their home. If the space allows, include a switch cabinet otherwise known as a hide- and-slide door style cabinet to conceal away countertop appliances; coffee machines etc. freeing up the countertop space further. The ability to push the doors back gives the user the option of leaving the cabinet open or closed depending on how the space is been used.

Boxlife by Scavolini:

kitchen design ideas for mini kitchen

On top of the extensive range of accessories Scavolini has on offer is an entire design line dedicated to accommodating the increasing needs of multifunctional spaces. This design line is perfect for the modern living spaces of condos, lofts and attic spaces. Introducing Boxlife, Scavolini has diversified its offerings into modest-sized design projects. Boxlife was created in collaboration with Rainlight International Design Studio; and formulated to accommodate the increasing need to make a space adaptable from a living room, laundry room, bedroom and kitchen. A design line which can be customized to incorporate the individual preferences of the client. In this design line the unique use of the switch cabinets, otherwise known as hide and slide doors allows a space to truly transform by closing cabinet doors to conceal the kitchen, study or laundry space when not in use. The ability to include a Murphy bed into its system, one long wall of tall cabinets can serve a multitude of uses transforming the space from a kitchen during the day, to a living room in the evening, to a bedroom by night. This level of revolutionary design addresses the modest living space market. Owning a small-sized space is no longer an issue but an opportunity to get creative, an opportunity to use Scavolini’s Boxlife design line in your home. Transforming the space to accommodate all your daily life needs, having everything to live comfortably at your fingertips. A design line that offers a range of colours, finishes and accessories there’s little that Boxlife can not do for your space from lofts, to basement flats to guest houses and duplexes, the Boxlife can be tailor-made to meet your preferences and cater to the project restraints.

scavolini box life

Historically, smaller spaces seemingly were a burden with little potential and extremely difficult to maximize storage to meet the owner’s everyday needs. That can no longer be said to be true as with technological advancements and companies like Scavolini and Siema Kitchen and Bath who strive to offer the best design and solutions to their clients. The available solutions and expertise to optimize your home functionality are just a design consultation away. As our living styles change due to inflation and the ongoing housing crisis in Vancouver. The advancements of modern technology have brought about clever innovations to designs which embody highly effective storage solutions, however, not compromising on aesthetics which makes even the most awkward of spaces exceed previous expectations of its potential. These storage hacks for a small kitchen design are just some of the solutions on offer by Scavolini. To truly understand and grasp the extent of their offerings, speaking to Emad and Eiman Mohammad of Siema Kitchen and Bath and their wealth of knowledge within the design industry will help you realize your home’s true potential.