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Italian luxury kitchens as the market sweet spot of high-interest areas in Vancouver

Scavolini is one of the top Italian Kitchen Cabinetry companies worldwide & there is no question why. Scavolini has been in business for over 60 years; supplying and improving their products for three generations. With this time comes an immense amount of dedication to the service and craftmanship of their products. Italy has always been known for producing products of the highest quality; Scavolini has been no exception. Renowned for their innovative approaches and consistently adapting to the ever-changing market. They effortlessly address changes in habits, trends, and the increasing pressures of recent technologies. It is no wonder that Scavolini appeals to the luxury housing market in Vancouver for their luxurious kitchens. As Scavolini so seamlessly adapts to these changes; designers, architects, contractors, realtors, and homeowners alike can be confident that Scavolini will deliver the utmost quality, durability, and functional custom kitchen cabinetry in Vancouver. Siema Kitchen & Bath have proudly been associated with Scavolini for over 15 years. During this time Siema Kitchen and Bath has seen an increasing demand from the luxury housing market in Vancouver for a Scavolini Kitchen and a lot of times full-house projects using Scavolini to create a fully customized design. Particularly, North Vancouver and West Vancouver homeowners seek Scavolini for their projects as they are sold by the quality, versatility, and aesthetic nature of Scavolini’s luxury and elegance. Scavolini is not just a Luxury Italian Kitchen cabinetry it is also a full house cabinetry company. From luxurious Kitchens to vanities to closets and laundry rooms Scavolini can supply the most functional and practical design solutions while also keeping a flow of opulence and sheer elegance flowing throughout the property. Siema Kitchen and Bath have also been working closely with homeowners of the luxury condominium market. The deficit supply of luxury housing has brought an increase of homeowners seeking real estate in both luxury and conventional condominiums. This is reflected in the increase clientele Siema Kitchen and Bath have seen this year in the Luxury Condo Market. 

Scavolini is a highly customizable cabinetry brand which caters for all areas regardless of size while keeping its luxurious and functional appeal. With the various accessories available from Scavolini it is possible to have all your functional needs met with no compromises. One of pivotal characteristics of Italian Kitchen design is the decluttered and spacious affect created. Scavolini divide their cabinetry offerings into design lines which are available in distinctive styles, colors, finishes, and accessory options making their products highly customizable and personal for each client. Each process for creating a design for clients is personal; it is a careful, attentive collaboration between the experienced designer at Siema Kitchen and Bath and the homeowner, contractors alike. Each Kitchen design is unique based on the footprint of the plans, the personal aesthetic, and functional needs of the client & the millimeter perfect accuracy required by the contractor. Scavolini can create fully customized designs based on the client’s need. Siema Kitchen and Bath use Scavolini’s Italian Cabinetry to create a timeless product that will last for years which reflects equal part function, beauty with an unmatched level of quality and attention to detail. Emad and Eiman Mohammad; the founders and owners of Siema Kitchen and Bath have long dealt with the clientele of the luxury housing market in Vancouver. They have also seen an increase of interest from the high-end housing market further afield such as Vancouver Island & Kelowna which stands as a testament of the quality craftsmanship and broad range of offerings that Scavolini presents to its clients.

Scavolini and its credibility among designers

Interior designers, architects, and designers alike have confidence in Scavolini cabinetry. Scavolini have values & principles which set them apart from some of their counter competitors. The versatility that Scavolini offers in terms of colors, materials and styles caters for many different budgets; a luxurious kitchen cabinetry company that does not compromise on style or functionality.

It is an inclusive cabinetry company that allows designers to work with all clients, to create their dream kitchen while not compromising on quality to achieve this. Embracing modern technologies and materials, Scavolini is always releasing new and exciting design lines that encompass the most up to date innovation.

Mira kitchen design vancouver
mira kitchen by siema kitchens

The Mira design model; one of Scavolini’s latest releases purposes new finishes in strips laminate, matt & glossy slat lacquer doors. These luxurious finishes add another dimension & layer of texture to the modern kitchen design, available in a range of colors, designers have the availability at hand to combine different finishes, colors, and accessories to elevate the design. This concept sets Italian Kitchen Cabinetry apart from local cabinetry companies, as Siema Kitchen and Bath have seen in Vancouver, clients want a finish that is a bit more special than the standard offerings. The cabinetry and accessories are fully customizable with endless configurations to help utilize the space to its optimum. Italy is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship worldwide, Siema Kitchen and Bath are proud to carry Scavolini and to be Vancouvers Scavolini store which embodies this dedication to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Many designers align with these values, as not only do they provide superior craftmanship & quality in their products they also seek collaboration with designers emphasizing one of their core values of being adaptable, open, and willing to seek input from other experts in the design field. From Japanese architect such as Oki Sato for the Qi design line; a Japanese word meaning container and wood- derived from the concept of the design. Michael Young a British designer whom they collaborated with for Tetrix design line; this collaboration brought about a playful concept using horizontal lines to discover new compositions and color to create a fully customizable design for the client. These collaborations highlight their desire to offer a vast range of solutions to meet everyone’s needs. Scavolini has not only collaborated with expert designers to achieve the most aesthetic kitchens they have also looked to optimize the functionality of the kitchen by collaborating with the renowned Michelin star chef Carlo Cracco. Through this collaboration they created the most exceptional design line; Mia. This line encompasses elegance, sophistication, and class within every detail. Siema Kitchen and Bath as Vancouver’s only retailer of Scavolini collaborates with many designers who are eager to explore the possibilities that Scavolini has to offer. The broad scope of styles, colors, materials, and accessories that Scavolini has available allows the designer to embrace their creativity and design the dream home for their clients. The environmental considerations that Scavolini takes through their manufacturing processes and material selections demarcate them from competitors. Scavolini is a family-run company which began with two brothers, Valter and Elvino Scavolini, they have strong values and view their employees as an extension of their family. They strive to create a work environment which promotes a healthy and safe environment.

History of Scavolini in Vancouver

Why did Siema Kitchen and Bath choose Scavolini. Scavolini was introduced to Vancouver in 2008 by Siema Kitchen & Bath. In 2008, Siema Kitchen and Bath were looking to expand their business; the Mohammad brothers were recommended by a fellow Iranian Scavolini dealer and friend of Eiman & Emad to become dealers for Scavolini. He gave them great confidence and reassurance that Scavolini was a fantastic company to work with, in their branding, product offerings, quality, and service. Of course, the fact that Scavolini is a family-run company strongly appealed to Eiman and Emad Mohammad as they shared many of the same values. From the very initial contact with the Scavolini USA CEO they were impressed with Scavolini, they grew confident and excited to become part of this family-run company’s expansion worldwide. As Emad says the quality and durability of materials, variety of styles, colors, finishes, warranty, and service was unmatched to any other manufacturers they had been introduced to. What sets Italian manufactures apart from other Manfacturing companies is the high-quality products made from the highest quality craftmanship which can be clearly seen in Scavolini products; down to the last detail. Eiman and Emad Mohammad also knew with their near 20 years’ experience as installers and contractors, they could present Scavolini very well in the Vancouver market. They themselves could offer their future clients the best technical advice while introducing and supplying a high-end Italian cabinetry to Vancouver. Emad & Eiman knew that Scavolini was the right brand which would coincide with their experience.

Scavolini has always strived to supply the best products and experience for clients whether they have a full-home project or a kitchen remodel. They have over 900 showrooms in Italy alone so the experience and reputation they have built over the years is a testament for their company and a contributing factor in the Mohammad brothers’ decision to work with Scavolini. Siema Kitchen and Bath is Vancouver’s only Scavolini store. Over the years they have seen a greater interest and recognition for Scavolini products; for its quality, variety and the “work of art” that Scavolini cabinetry creates through its craftsmanship and attention to detail. Scavolini markets as a brand for the people of Italy so it has always impressed Eiman and Emad Mohammad how all Italians are familiar with Scavolini and are proud to call it an Italian brand. As Eiman says; “They almost feel that Scavolini belongs to them, this is partly because Scavolini advertise them as bringing the kitchen for the people of Italy and this really sits well with Italians.” Scavolini is not just a kitchen cabinetry company they manufacture cabinetry for the entire home; bathrooms, closet, living and even outdoor cabinetry supplied for the commercial and residential sectors; Multi Family, single family; renovation or brand-new homes which are available in many styles from sleek and modern to ornate and traditional. They really are a brand for people of all occupations, a brand which appeals to many people from all ethnicities. This is a major factor in its vast appeal in Vancouver; being such a diverse multi-cultural area; something the Mohammad brothers foreseen from the start. Siema Kitchen and Bath is divided into two main divisions; Multi-Family and Single-Family. Eiman and Emad Mohammad have seen a lot of success with Scavolini since the beginning of their journey together in Vancouver and only have bigger plans for Scavolini and Siema Kitchen and Bath in the future.

What makes Scavolini unique among other luxurious kitchen cabinetry companies?

Scavolini since its inception has always considered environmental protection as a priority. It has long been its priority through its initial small gestures to now been one of the leading environmentally conscious kitchen cabinetry companies in the world. Scavolini has been in business for over 60 years and through this time they have earned numerous certificates for their efforts. Scavolini has been ahead of their time thinking of the company and the environmental impacts such an industry would have, they have made considerations to lessen their impact which is unlike some other major manufacturers. Scavolini Italian cabinetry cares for their environment and this is deeply rooted in their culture. They have a powerful vantage point “imaging new ways to make a space ‘beautiful’ and livable is essential for us working with design. In this same spirit we look at planet earth, our large common home” This outlook sets Scavolini apart from other luxurious kitchen cabinetry companies as they may not have the same values. In 2011, The Sunload Project; a Scavolini initiative which involved covering most of Scavolini’s production area with photovoltaic panels to produce green energy. This photovoltaic system guarantees 80% energy autonomy from Scavolini’s energy Production. This project also saw the removal and disposal of 40,000m2 of asbestos cement roofing. They maintain and monitor the solar panels by webcam, this ensures the maintenance of this huge initiative. Scavolini has also demonstrated a strong company ethos through showing they not only care about the product they sell, and the processes used but they also care about the health and safety of their workers. In 2008, Scavolini obtained the occupational health and safety management system certificate. 

luxury kitchen cabinets by siema kitchen vancouver

Scavolini is committed to taking the measurements necessary to ensure and promote a culture of health and safety for their employees. FSC Chain of Custody (COC) certification was granted to Scavolini in 2021, FSC C168055, this certification followed the Green Mind steps which was the initial steps they made to improve their processes and fine tune the quality of the material they use. Scavolini have opted for responsible sourced high-quality materials so their products will last for years to come; eliminating the need to replace their products prematurely. They improved the entire production cycle and created a greener process. This certification acknowledges that the choice of materials they used is sourced from responsible managed forests. The land and environment of Vancouver are a key factor why people choose to relocate to Vancouver. Vancouver’s only Scavolini kitchen cabinet store respects the environment at all stages of the manufacturing process offers a unique differentiation between other luxurious kitchen cabinetry companies in Vancouver. Companies which have been FSC COC certified have documents tracing the origin of the materials used in their products. 

Scavolini have all their design lines FSC certified from their kitchen design lines to the bathroom and living room design lines as well as their closets. This certificate also means there are constant checks on each stage of the manufacturing processes to ensure that the manufacturers who achieve this certificate continue to abide by the FSC standards. This ensures transparency and compliancy. It also means Scavolini as a green cabinetry company had to adapt their processes to improve and qualify for the FSC COC certificate. The level of commitment and dedication of Scavolini to perform and maintain the greenest most sustainable processes is clear from the steps they have taken and continue to take to protect the environment while also offering the highest quality Italian kitchen cabinetry, meeting the highest health and safety standards in the workplace. Italian products are world renowned for their quality, in 2018, Scavolini received the “made in Italy” product, origin and quality certificate. This certificate states that the cabinetry is 100% of Italian origin and Scavolini achieved this cert for all its design lines. Siema Kitchen and Bath delight in telling their clients that Scavolini’s cabinetry is 100% Italian which is highly sought after. This includes the cabinetry box as well as the doors and accessories. It is uniquely Scavolini, Scavolini prioritize the care they take to ensure safety and quality, that has always been at the forefront of what they do.

Scavolini Italian Kitchen Cabinetry is perfectly placed in the Vancouver Market. It is a product for all people; with no limitations Scavolini products can be designed for all areas of the home, regardless of the size of the space, the budget or personal preferences. Scavolini provides a fully customizable design for all clients. Scavolini has such a vast range of styles, colors, textures, finishes and accessories to personalize and optimize the space to make it truly your own. Scavolini never compromises on quality or craftsmanship and has always strived to stay up to date with the latest technologies, trends, and habits of the world. European cabinetry and particularly Italian cabinetry are highly sought after in North America. Siema Kitchen and Bath are delighted to have made the decision 15 years ago to work with Scavolini. However, the best is yet to come; Siema Kitchen and Bath; Scavolini’s only Vancouver Cabinetry store is opening their new showroom in Mount Pleasant. The much-anticipated showroom is currently finalizing its details, and it is expected to be opening in Spring 2024. Emad and Eiman Mohammad are extremely excited and looking forward to moving to the new showroom. This exciting new showroom boasts huge front windows, 18ft ceilings and will serve to display even more of Scavolini’s products; highlighting more design lines from the kitchen, bathroom, living room and closet design lines, more accessories, and new concepts. The official opening date and information will be revealed in the next few months. Keep updated by following Siema Kitchen and Bath on Instagram and view some of the previous projects on their website;