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Technical advantages of Valdena vanities represented by Siema Kitchen and Bath

valdena vanities for luxury kitchens

The History of Valdena Vanities

Siema Kitchen and Bath first began selling Valdena Vanities back in 2005 when the company started out as a vanity retailer selling their own branded vanities: The Viona Vanities. Valdena is one of the design lines within Viona which has since established itself as one of the core design lines. Valdena has proven its market appeal over the years by been a number one seller from Siema Kitchen and Bath’s design lines. As one of the core design lines within Viona, Siema Kitchen and Bath has sold numerous Valdena vanities within the Vancouver cabinetry market. Each component of this design line was specifically selected by Eiman and Emad Mohammad for Siema Kitchen and Bath. They sourced the product overseas however; from their wholesaler, they had the ability to handpick each component of the cabinetry to ensure it met the exacting standards they envisioned for their product offerings. The design is sleek and modern, with a handle less flat-panel cabinet door front which certainly appeals to the Vancouver market today. As we see in trends clients want a minimalist, clean cabinetry design which is durable and easy to clean. Luckily, Valdena has always displayed these qualities. As Eiman and Emad Mohammad have been in the Kitchen and Bathroom design industry for over two decades now they have vast knowledge of the industry. This is clear to see as even from the early days they were able to forecast clients design requirements that still today render as modern, sleek and are on par with what our clients today seek. Valdena is a high-quality, durable, and practical design solution for your vanity needs. Not only is the door front choice of high-quality melamine or lacquer but the carcass box was also specifically chosen for valdena. The interior box is formed from high quality, hardwearing and water-resistant particle board which can withstand the changing humidity within the bathroom environment while also being easy to clean. The handless door is constructed with an ergonomic 45-degree angle opening which allows for easy handle grip to open the drawer cabinet. This vanity is created with the world-leading manufacturer of high-quality hardware; Blum. Valdena offers soft-closing drawer runners constructed by the renowned Blum thus, quality can be guaranteed for the hardware utilised for Valdena. From the onset, Eiman and Emad Mohammad had quality and longevity in mind for the products they chose and the businesses they worked with. Valdena stands out as an initial step in their successful journey to selling kitchen and bathroom vanities to the Vancouver market. Although, the housing market has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, the appeal for Valdena cabinetry has not. Sitting at an extremely competitive price point Valdena appeals to clients from both the high-end and mid-range market. An exciting future ahead for Siema Kitchen and Bath, as they continue to expand their horizon in the Vancouver market, Eiman and Emad Mohammad are pleased that the Valdena Range will be also branching into new depths and continue to be a valued offering by Siema Kitchen and Bath.

What makes the Valdena Line iconic is its premium quality

Valdena sets itself apart from competitors because of its premium quality. Valdena is constructed from carefully selected materials and finishes so the vanity not only looks aesthetic and meets the practical requirements of Siema Kitchen and Bath’s clients, but it will also last the test of time.

valdena vanities for durability

Valdena is available in a wide range of colours and materials which lend their own advantages in the market. When a selection of colours and finishes are available it gives the client more control and less limitation with the cabinetry they select. Clients love to have a choice in materials and colour selection so the option within the Valdena line really speaks to clients. Available in glossy lacquer; glossy lacquer doors are formed from a high quality mdf board where several thin coats of a high-quality solvent-based lacquer is applied. This paint is then buffed when dried to create a high gloss reflective finish. When the process is finished, it is extremely strong and durable. It has many benefits in its aesthetics as it reflects light and allows a room to appear larger due to its reflective qualities. The Valdena is available in a dark grey anthracite colour as well as brilliant white gloss lacquer. This sharp contrast neutral colour offering has endless scope within the market. As the doors are painted on all sides; the front and edges in gloss lacquer while the back of the door in matte lacquer, the mdf board is thoroughly protected. Gloss lacquer is waterproof, durable, and exceptionally easy to wipe clean. Along with this finish available is melamine. Melamine is a highly sought-after finish within the Vancouver cabinetry market. Melamine doors are fabricated using a high-density particle board core that is covered with a resin infused decorative paper and is sealed all around the edges to create a watertight finish. As the decorative paper is a synthetic print it is possible to source melamine in a replica of natural textures such as wood, concrete, and paint to name a few. Valdena offers four colours in a wood-look finish; Grey Elm, Sonoma Oak, Expresso Stone, and Walnut. As the names suggest, they are in varying intensity of colouration and thus, appeal to those looking for a light, medium and darker colour scheme. These finishes embody the aesthetic of a veneer finish however, without the price-point. As the melamine doors are formed under extreme hot temperatures it makes the doors exceptionally durable, resistant of scratches and colorfast. With the varying saturation a tone of wood-effect finishes available these values net a wide scope of clientele as each will seamlessly work with a modern color scheme.

The Valdena vanities utilise drawer runners from the world-renowned hardware brand-Blum. The soft[1]close Blum drawer runners have a high load capacity while still gliding close smoothly and quietly. Blum guarantees a heavy-duty performance that promises longevity as well as clean and smooth operating which only serve to optimise the performance of the Valdena vanity. The 45- degree angle handle profile offers a contemporary, sleek ergonomic door opening. Designed for comfort and ease it creates easy access to all items within the vanity drawers while also offering a handle profile which is easy to clean and maintain. The handle profile is the same colour of the door, so this allows the vanity door finish to take centre stage and no metal hardware is required. Adding to its aesthetic appearance and streamlined sleek look. Wall-Hung cabinetry is in vogue, customers want wall-hung cabinets for a variety of reasons and luckily Valdena comes in this format. Some of the main advantages of wall-hung cabinetry are as follows: Lifting the vanities off the floor allow clients to install their vanities to their individual height preferences. Although we recommend 32-33″ from the floor level, this can be easily adjusted to accommodate the clients’ requirements I.e., if in the case to lower the vanity countertop height for wheelchair access or higher in the instance where a client wants a higher countertop. Wall-hung cabinetry also creates the illusion of a more spacious washroom. It is easier to clean underneath and no need to worry about grimy kickboards in the bathroom environment. Furthermore, a wall-hung vanity exudes a modern and sleek aesthetic. If a bathroom remodel is on the cards for your home, a wall-hung cabinet is necessary to elevate your new bathroom design. Valdena offers two deep drawers as its storage option; this is a requirement where Siema Kitchen and Bath have seen a higher demand from clients. Clients want to easily access the items under their sink; they do not want to be crouched down on their hunkers looking for something at the back of their sink cabinet. Drawers are also super convenient to remove from the runners for plumbing needs and are easily reattached afterwards. This further enhances the practicality of the Valdena. There are no concerns about accessing the plumbing if the need arises. These are the main USP’s for the Valdena design line which Eiman and Emad are proud to carry as part of their core design line.

durable hardware in valdena vanities

When the quality meets price:

Valdena sits in the sweet spot of being constructed of premium quality while also being highly affordable. Priced at a medium price point for vanities in Vancouver it appeals to a wide market of customers. Valdena stands apart from local cabinetry companies as not only is the materials carefully chosen to ensure the vanity embodies high-quality materials. The vanities highlight finishes and colours which appeal to a broad range of clientele. The premium quality product attracts clients from both the high-end market for their secondary bathroom and Vancouver homeowners who are looking to update their vanity with a vanity that is high end without the cost that is typically associated with such a product. The Valdena design line and indeed all Siema Kitchen and Bath’s own vanity lines provide an attractive priced vanity to customers

as a considered alternative to the superb quality of Scavolini cabinetry which Siema Kitchen and Bath proudly sell. As the Valdena vanities are in stock; in the range of sizes 24”, 30” 36” and 48” and colours, it allows Siema Kitchen and Bath to offer such a competitive price point without compromising on quality. No additional fees need to be considered for shipping or transportation as the client can easily talk with one of our representatives to organise collection from Siema’s current Showroom in Kitsilano. Customers can rest assured that the attractive price point is not in place of a warranty. Eiman and Emad Mohammad; the founders of Siema Kitchen and Bath guarantee a warranty with all their own vanity design lines. This warranty is in place for 5 years from the date of purchase. Valdena vanities offer a variety of attractive characteristics which has vastly appealed to the Vancouver market to date.

The Best is yet to come; Valdena in Walmart Marketplace

Eiman and Emad Mohammad are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their business and expand into different markets. With this desire of seeking opportunities and improving not only the service but also the convenience for customers, it was a natural step to move into the ecommerce market. Siema Kitchen and Bath are proud to share that the best is yet to come as they launch the Valdena Vanity line onto Walmart Marketplace. Siema Kitchen and Bath are overly excited to share this next move with you as they understand the value and importance of online shopping in today’s world. They are delighted to be a third-party seller for Walmart as like many people are aware Walmart casts a wide net for customers so not only will Siema Kitchen and Bath be a known and well-respected company within Vancouver this opens the opportunity to sell their products across Canada. Ecommerce has a massive market in today’s world and to be partnered with such a reputable company like Walmart is an honour for Siema Kitchen and Bath. Eiman and Emad have entrusted in a reliable transport company to ensure these new clients will receive their new sleek Valdena Vanity within a timely manner. Walmart marketplace has strict requirements in place which all third-party sellers must abide before they are even considered to market on their site. In the same way it is important for Siema Kitchen and Bath to work with reliable, quality assured businesses it is likewise that Walmart have their rigid requirements in place. Such requirements include first-class customer service, competitive pricing, fast and reliable fulfilment, and past marketplace experience to name a few. Siema Kitchen and Bath are excited to take this journey as a third-party seller for Walmart marketplace. The Valdena design line was chosen as the number one product to launch into the ecommerce marketplace by Siema due to its proven appeal within the Vancouver market, with its many favourable characteristics; form, function, quality, and price. Since its onset with Siema Kitchen and Bath Valdena has been a top seller therefore, Eiman and Emad trust it will be successful in this new marketplace. The Valdena Vanity is only the first product of Siema Kitchen and Bath to make its venture into the ecommerce market. However, rest assured Eiman and Emad Mohammad have many detailed plans mapped to increase their product offerings with Walmart Marketplace. Stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook page to keep up to date and know when the official launch day into the Walmart marketplace will be for the Valdena Vanity line.